Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

Unique Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

Whether for yourself or for someone special, you are sure to find the best gifts for bourbon lovers here.  From books to glasses to decanters, we have ideas for even the most difficult to buy for.  So, if you need some suggestions, check out these gifts for a bourbon lover and get inspired.

Gift Ideas For Bourbon Drinkers

Bourbon Barrel Gift

Personalized American Oak Aging Barrel

Here is the perfect bourbon barrel gift that you have been searching for. If you know someone who loves whiskey, give them this personalized aging barrel. It is often said that aging your whiskey makes a huge difference in taste. This barrel is well made, handcrafted using American white oak. I love the fact that you can get it personalized, making it something truly special and unique.

Wild Turkey Bourbon Gift Ideas

Wild Turkey 81 Glass

Sipping your favorite beverage is even better when you have the right glass. Sometimes, drinking bourbon straight out of a shot glass is the very best way to do it. If this sounds like someone you know, then get them this 81 shot glass. It’s one of the simple, yet ideal Wild Turkey bourbon gift ideas you can give!

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Gifts

Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bourbon Barrel Aged Cocktail Bitters

If you have a mixologist on your gift list, then Woodford Reserve bourbon gifts are always in good taste! What makes this cocktail bitters special is that they have been barrel aged in special Woodford Reserve barrels. You can really taste the natural gentian root along with the flavorful sweetness of the spiced cherry.

Great Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

BliS Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup

Know someone who loves the subtle flavor of bourbon in their foods?  Then this will make their day!  This 100% pure kettle-cooked maple syrup has been aged in 12-18 year old single barrel bourbon casks for several months.  This creates a richly aromatic flavor with hints of vanilla, charred oak, and bourbon but without the alcohol.  Use them on your pancakes or waffles.  Or drizzle it over fruit for a flavor you will never forget.  It’s one of the great gifts for bourbon lovers.  This barrel-aged pure maple syrup is a bit more expensive than other maple syrups but well worth the price.


Best Gifts For A Bourbon Drinker

Barn Wood Display

Looking for the perfect display for your favorite bourbons?  Barrels & Barn Wood can custom make one for you.   They use reclaimed barn wood for the sides and the back.  The pattern of the wood is unique and dates back to the 1800’s.   Each display has a naturally beautiful patina look that perfectly matches your existing furniture.  It holds 6 bottles along with 6 glasses.  This barn wood rack display is one of the best gifts for a bourbon drinker and is sure to be a conversation piece that will last for a lifetime.

Gifts For The Bourbon Lover

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

For those who want their bourbon on the chilly side, Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds fit the bill.  Large spheres of ice melt slower than traditional cubes, chilling your drink and not watering it down.  They stay on the bottom of the glass so you do not have to dodge around them to sip your favorite drink, making them one of the ideal gifts for the bourbon lover.  Available in a set of two, you can also purchase them with other mold types such as high ball and colossal cube.

Bourbon Gifts For Her

Whiskey Women:  The Untold Story How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey by Fred Minnick

Not just men love the spirits!  Know a woman who loves Bourbon?  Then this gift should be for her.  Available in Kindle and hard cover, Whiskey Women:  The Untold Story How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey chronicles the many women who have distilled, marketed, owned whiskey companies.  One of the bourbon gifts for her that is sure to please.

Gifts For The Bourbon Drinker

Design Toscano Sixteenth Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

Not all of us can afford a home bar.  But this globe bar is the next best thing and is one of the must have gifts for the bourbon drinker.  It makes a great addition to any room for yourself or as a holiday gift.  At 38.5” tall, it can fit in any corner of a room and still be a conversation piece.  The globe opens and can hold a decanter set with your favorite bottle of Bourbon.  The bottom circular shelf can hold several more in case you run out.  The globe bar is held in place by hardwood legs on casters.  You can entertain in style with this Design Toscano Sixteenth Century Italian Replica Globe Bar in your home.

Bourbon Barrel Foods Gift Box

Bourbon Barrel 6 Piece Gift Set of Spices and Sugars

If you are putting together a Bourbon Barrel foods gift box for that someone special, you need to make sure and include this 6 piece set of spices and sugars. You will like the travel sized mini tins and the delicious variety of condiments that are included. The recipient will quickly fall in love with the Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Vanilla, Smoked Sugar and Mint Julep. I know I did!

Gifts For The Bourbon Enthusiast

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Whiskey Glass with Silicone Ice Form

For an innovative, artistic way to chill your favorite bourbon, try this Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Whiskey Glass with Silicone Ice Form.  Simply place the wedge silicon mold in the double old fashioned whiskey glass in the freezer for a creative way to chill your drink.  The wedge design does not dilute your drink like ordinary ice cubes.  Simply put, it is one of the coolest gifts for the bourbon enthusiast.

Gifts For A Bourbon Drinker

Bourbon Whiskey Decanter Liquor Dispenser

Long to sail away on the high seas?  Then give this beautiful ship in a bottle decanter to them and watch their eyes light up.  It’s one of the gifts for a bourbon drinker that will always be cherished.  Made of borosilicate glass, this decanter is 100% lead free, thick, and durable enough to grace your bar or desktop for many years to come.  The handcrafted ship was designed in intricate detail and held on a craftsman quality wooden base.  The ground glass stopper makes an airtight seal to prevent any evaporation.  Pour your favorite bourbon from the stainless steel spigot for a quiet evening at home or with friends.

Unique Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

EZ Drinker Funny Child Drink Dispenser

Know someone with a twisted sense of humor.  If so, then here is one of the most unique gifts for bourbon lovers.  The EZ Drinker Funny Child Drink Dispenser guarantees a few laughs and maybe a few raised eyebrows!  Fully functional, this hilarious dispenser makes a great housewarming gift or a gift for someone who just turned the legal age.  It will definitely make it hard to keep a straight face!

Top Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

BigMouth Inc. Toilet Shots, Set of 2

Looking for the perfect gag gift?  If so, here is one of my top gifts for bourbon lovers.  The BigMouth Toilet Shots will let you start the night with your head in the toilet.  Great for a laugh and a good conversation piece, these ceramic toilet shots will make a party anything but boring.

Christmas Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers

Tino Decanter

This simple but elegant Tino decanter offers a timeless beauty that will fit right in to any room in the house. Its thick sham, oversized ground glass stopper, and tapered profile gives it a simple elegance.  It is one of the truly special Christmas gifts for bourbon drinkers.  Made in Poland, this decanter will hold 36 ounces of your favorite brand of bourbon.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Gift

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Ball Gift Box

If you are having a hard time finding the right Woodford Reserve bourbon gift, then look no further! The answer is Bourbon Balls, 16 of them to be exact. What makes them special is that they are unique to Kentucky and are made with award winning bourbon. An amazing present, but be careful, you might end up eating them yourself!

Bourbon Barrel Gift Ideas

Bundle of 3 – Bourbon Barrel Sauces

The great flavor of bourbon is not limited to the bottle. It can be enjoyed in the form of spices, salts and sauces. One of the fantastic Bourbon Barrel gift ideas is this bundle of 3 amazing sauces. Full of Kentucky flavor, this set comes with a bottle of Bluegrass Soy Sauce, Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce and Kentucky Style Teriyaki. If you want to drive the bourbon fan in your life crazy with happiness, then this set is the way to go!

Gifts For Someone Who Likes Bourbon

Dublin Crystal 6 Piece Whiskey Set

This Dublin Crystal Whiskey set makes an elegant statement on your dinner table, home bar, or desk.  It’s one of the truly special gifts for someone who likes bourbon.  Made from 24% crystal, this whiskey set makes a nice addition to any room.  Complete with four double old fashioned whiskey glasses and a silver plated tray, you will be the toast of the evening.

Gifts For Guys Who Like Bourbon

Concealable Entertainment Flask-Super Bar Hop Bros.

Remember the days of Nintendo and Super Mario Brothers?  Know someone who longs for the good old days?  Surprise them with this parody flask. Made from durable plastic, it looks like the real thing with exception to the drunk Mario character on the front.  Other games available as well.  Just make sure no one tries to play the game!  It’s one of the gifts for guys who like bourbon that will always be remembered.

Bourbon Flavored Gifts

Eat Your Bourbon Gourmet Gift Box

Fans of bourbon just can’t seem to get enough. For these types, they will accept nothing less than bourbon flavored gifts. To satisify this passion, the Eat Your Bourbon Gourmet Gift Box was specially created. It comes with 5 bourbon smoked spices and 3 gourmet sauces. This amazing present will keep those bourbon craivings to a minimum!

Gifts For Bourbon Enthusiasts

Whiskey Stones Combo Set

At last, a combination set that covers every way possible to chill that perfect glass of bourbon!  No more shopping at multiple places for each different type.  Amazon has made it quick and painless at an affordable price.  We understand that everyone might not prefer the same method of chilling their whiskey and gave you two different ways to do it.  The gift set comes with four stainless steel cubes, four soapstone cubes, an ice tray for storage and freezing, and a set of tongs.  No more diluted drinks, making it one of the ideal gifts for bourbon enthusiasts.

Gifts For Bourbon Fans

Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set of 4

When it comes to finding gifts for bourbon fans, here is one you should not miss.  These lead free 6 ounce glass set was given the 2006 Queen’s Award for Innovation.  This set makes a great gift for any bourbon lover.  Its tapered rim and full bowl allows for an enhanced taste, aroma, body, and color.

Gifts For A Bourbon Enthusiast

Ashcroft Whiskey Decanter Boxed Set with 4 Glasses

One of the great gifts for a bourbon enthusiast, this beautiful Ashcroft Whiskey Decanter Set comes packaged in an elegant gift box for that look of class.   It’s a quality set with glasses that claim to be “too heavy to hold.”

Bourbon Cake Gift

Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake

Oh my, here is something super delicious that makes gift giving easy. It’s the Kentucky Woods barrel cake. It’s made using aged bourbon, topped with a walnut, chocolate and caramel icing. It is what many consider to be the ultimate bourbon cake gift. It’s even packed in a handmade wood barrel, so it looks as good as it tastes!

Bourbon Barrel Gifts

Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt

Some people love the taste of bourbon so much, they need to experience the flavor everywhere, including their food. If you happen to know a big fan of the beverage, then why not get them some bourbon smoked sea salt. It’s made in Kentucky and really brings out that extra bit of flavor in meat, salads and even seafood. It’s one of the Bourbon Barrel gifts that is a must have!

Wild Turkey Bourbon Gift

Wild Turkey Bourbon Hat

If you know someone who loves bourbon, giving the gift of apparel is a great way to let him or her share their passion with the world. A wonderful way to do just that is with this adjustable hat featuring the brand logo. It features unisex styling and is great to wear for any occasion. An affordable Wild Turkey bourbon gift that is sure to be cherished for many years to come.

Gifts For A Bourbon Lover

Hip Flask With Collapsible Shot Glass

Take your favorite bourbon with you wherever you go with this handsome flask!  It’s one of gifts for a bourbon lover that is both practical and stylish.  This stainless steel flask that holds 8 ounces of your favorite drink.  What makes it really special is that it comes with a collapsible shot glass that is built-in!

Good Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers

Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrel Table

Looking for that statement piece to round out a room?  This whiskey barrel table stands 36 inches tall.  The reversible table top sits on a barrel 24 inches around.  You can reverse the walnut table top to show the oak finish to match your furniture.  Definitely a conversation piece, this Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrel Table would make a great holiday gift for any bourbon lover.  Who says good gifts for bourbon drinkers are hard to find?

Bourbon Gifts For Him

Whiskeys and Spirits for Dummies

Know someone new to the world of whiskey?  This makes a great starter book for any whiskey lover.  This book covers the history, types, and brands of whiskey with helpful selection information.  It offers vital information on tasting techniques.  Whiskeys and Spirits for Dummies guides through the amazing world of whiskey and gives you the tools you need to enjoy it to its fullest. It’s one of the bourbon gifts for him that will be truly appreciated.

Woodford Bourbon Gift Set

Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Bourbon Ball Gift Box

Bourbon is a Kentucky tradition, along with the mint julep. It goes without saying that the very best way to enjoy the drink is with fresh mint and the highest quality bourbon. If you can’t enjoy the drink, the next best thing is to enjoy some mint julep bourbon balls. Made with dark and white chocolate with a bourbon cream center, eating a few of these will make you feel a little closer to heaven! You can’t go wrong giving this Woodford Bourbon gift set as a present.

Wild Turkey Bourbon Gifts

Wild Turkey Habanero Hot Sauce

Some like it hot! So go ahead and bring on the heat with this amazing habanero hot sauce. It’s made with only the finest ingredients with just the right amount of bourbon taste. Ideal for grilling burgers, steak, hot dogs or whatever your taste-buds desire. One of the super Wild Turkey bourbon gifts that will warm everyone’s tummy.

Bourbon Gifts For Dad

Bourbon Curious:  A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker

One of the super bourbon gifts for dad,  award winning journalist Fred Minnick gives the lowdown on everything that is needed to know about bourbon.  Written with the reader in mind, the author debunks common whiskey myths and helps you with the selecting process depending on your own personal tastes.  Available in hardcover and also for Kindle, this book is a must-have for any bourbon lover.  It makes a great addition to any library or coffee table.

Woodford Bourbon Gifts

Bourbon Butter Crunch Gift Box

Wooford Bourbon gifts are perfect presents for those who enjoy the sweeter things in life. Almond crunch, combined with bitter sweet chocolate and of course, Woodford Reserve bourbon, makes this treat an instant American classic. Even better, it includes a special note card to the recipient letting him or her know that it’s a special gift for you!

Christmas Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

Sea Stones on the Rocks

These six handcrafted granite stones come with 2 10 ounce tumblers in a gift box.  Never worry about watered down drinks again with these stones.  These stones chill your drink to just the right temperature time after time.  With a lifetime warranty, you will never need to buy more.  Without a doubt, it’s one of Christmas gifts for bourbon lovers that will be appreciated well into the future.

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