space themed gifts for adults

Space Themed Gifts For Adults

If you have adult space geeks in your family like I do, then finding space themed gifts for adults is a priority. After all, enjoying all the great wonders of space are not only for kids. After scouring the internet, here are a few super ideas I have found!

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3D Wooden Robot Puzzle

Something different or unique always makes for a great gift idea. Here is an unusual puzzle that is sure to bring hours of entertainment. Once assembled, this 3D wooden robot puzzle turns into a wind up music box! A gift that is sure to be treasured well into the future.

Check out the video below!

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Universe Bracelet

Both guys and gals like to accessorize. So, why not do it with a fantastic unisex styled Universe Bracelet. It’s a gift that they can wear everyday and feel as though the planets revolve them.

Lego NASA Building Kit

Every science buff is fascinated by rockets. After all, rockets are what started manned space travel in the first place. A Lego building kit will allow the space lover to appreciate all the details and design aspects of rocket design, not to mention the joys of assembling it!

Dress Socks

Most adults that are into space tend to be snappy dressers, at least that’s the case in my family. One of the everyday pieces of clothing that can spaced out are socks. They have cool, out of this world designs, are conversation starters, and super comfy too.

Lunar Moon Night Light

No need to worry about cloudy night skies with this great looking lunar moon lamp. The design is pretty awesome as it was created layer by layer using 3D printing with the result being a stunning appearance of the moon.

Cosmos Knife Set

Is the space lover you are shopping for comfortable in the kitchen? If so, here is an idea that is going to make them very happy. These are actually professional quality knives with each colorful blade displaying an amazing image of our mysterious universe.

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Magnetic Rotating Globe

The gift of space decor is a fun and unique way to brighten up any room or office. This magnetic rotating globe is a real conversation starter. The globe floats in a stylish magnetic oval container and continuously revolves. There are LED lights around the oval shape that makes the floating globe look really cool when in the dark.

Millennium Falcon Night Light

Here is an idea that is one of my favorites. It’s the Millennium Falcon Night Light. Great for a gameroom, on the nightstand or as a desktop accessory. It has a cool 3D effect that cycles through 6 different colors.

Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Medallion

Collectibles are always welcomed by space buffs. The Apollo 11 Medallion commerates the 40th anniversary of the mission. What makes it extra special is that the coin is crafted from metal that was actually flown into space!

Silver AstroQuest Telescope

Gazing into the galaxy is one of the pleasures of the true space enthusiast. With the gift of an awesome telescope, you can make these pleasures become a reality. It’s a great telescope for the backyard stargazer and is designed for both night-time space viewing and long distance daytime viewing,

DIY Space Themed Gifts For Adults

If your budget is tight and you enjoy crafting, here is a great video from Natasha Rose that is full of inspiration. There are several wonderful do it yourself space themed ideas that you can make at home. Check it out!

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