Gifts For Space Enthusiasts

If you are in need of gifts for space enthusiasts, here is where you will find them! There is no need to spend a fortune to find items that are fun, unique and interesting. We have searched and put together a list of gifts that are sure to please. Have a look below and discover some excellent choices for the space-a-holic in your life!

✅ Most Popular Gifts

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✅ Our #1 Recommended Pick

[amazon bestseller=”mova globe” items=”1″]

MOVA Moon Globe

Here is a unique gift item for the space enthusiast. The movement of a MOVA Globe mimicks the steady rotation of the earth, delivering relaxation and wonder for everyone who sees it. A technical marvel, as it is powered by solar technology to operate.

Check out the video below!


✅ Our Top 10 Gift Ideas

[amazon bestseller=”astronomy t-shirt” items=”1″]

Astronomy T-shirt

There are funny, yet cool t-shirts that any astronomy buff is sure to wear with pride. Great to wear at home while relaxing, or at work for a casual dress day. T-shirts are affordable, practical gifts that are always an excellent idea for a present.

[amazon bestseller=”astronomy poster” items=”1″]

Astronomy Poster

There are beautiful posters that will add life and character to any wall or office.  You can find those with lot’s of beautiful color and details in these prints, making them ideal for the person who is obsessed with space!   Look for the “Imagination” poster with the saying: Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”  It’s one of my favorites.

[amazon bestseller=”nasa jacket” items=”1″]

NASA Jacket

Every space buff needs one of these!  An awesome replica NASA  with plenty of cool patches and pull zippers that make it a super cool fashion item.  They are crafted from materials that keep you cool in the summer yet warm in the winter.  One of the best styles is the jacket that celebrates the 100th mission of the Space Shuttle.

[amazon bestseller=”astronomy necklace” items=”1″]

Astronomy Necklace

Simply put, there are very cool styles of astronomy necklaces that are sure to get whoever wears it plenty of compliments.  Better designs are handmade and feature pretty, colorful planets made from precious stones. Perfect gift idea for the science nut in your life!

[amazon bestseller=”astronomy pin” items=”1″]

Astronomy Pin

Accessory gifts are always a big hit!  That’s exactly what you get with these fantastic looking enamel pins. Colorful and well made, these pieces of jewelry are sure to strike up a conversation. Perfect for display on a shirt, bag or just about anywhere!

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[amazon bestseller=”nasa backpack” items=”1″]

NASA Backpack

A fun gift idea for those who love space, an adjustable backpack is both lightweight and durable. Perfect for school, hiking or your next walk on the moon!  The cool NASA logo really stands out, along with the Commander logo & the American flag.

[amazon bestseller=”astronaut keychain” items=”1″]

Astronaut Keychain

Keeping keys organized and handy is important, especially for lovers of outer space. Here are a few pretty awesome ideas that are a must have for every space nerd. What’s not to like about them? Cute, affordable and practical!

[amazon bestseller=”nasa cap” items=”1″]


A NASA hat is an excellent idea for someone who is fascinated by outer space.  Better quality models are adjustable and made from high quality fabrics, making it a gift that will be appreciated for years. I would give it two thumbs up as a present item that’s cool and super affordable!!

[amazon bestseller=”space hoodie” items=”1″]

Space Hoodie

A space hoodie is the best way for a lover of the galaxy show off their pride for everything outside of this world. They are thick, warm and stylish, and feature plenty of awesome and exotic designs. Super cool and a definite conversation starter, I consider them as a must for your gift list!

[amazon bestseller=”space socks” items=”1″]

Space Socks

These space socks are truly out of this world!  Top models are made from super soft materials, so they feel really great on the feet. And of course, they are very unusual! If you have a space geek in your life who loves strange socks, these are a must for his or her collection!

DIY Gifts For Space Enthusiasts


If you are the artsy type and enjoy painting, here is a great tutorial on how you can create your own space galaxy picture. A painting is a great idea if you are on a tight budget. Because it’s handmade, it will have extra special meaning as a gift to whoever receives it.

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