Gifts For Jeep Lovers

Gifts For Jeep Lovers

Here is where you will find a huge selection of cool & unique gifts for Jeep lovers. Rugged, high quality and fun are the points to keep in mind when shopping for the enthusiast. From apparel to gear, we have found the very best Jeep brand gifts to give you some inspiration. Whether it’s a t-shirt, key chain or cool accessories, we have put all the popular Jeep related gifts in one place. Check them out!

Great Gifts For Jeep Lovers

Gifts For New Jeep Owners

Jeep Jacket

Jeep owners are all about experiencing the outdoors.  They love the fresh air, open trails and rugged terrain.  So when it comes to Jeep birthday gifts, nothing is better than giving some cool gear.  Jeep jackets are an excellent choice for a present.  They are waterproof, windproof and constructed to last.  Great for that special someone that has it all.  One of the better gifts for new Jeep owners.


Jeep Patriot Gifts

Jeep Patriot Cargo Area Cover

The Patriot is known for having plenty of space in the rear to haul stuff around.  The problem is that items remain in full view.  Having a cargo area cover helps to hide your items from prying eyes.  If you are looking for a nice, affordable and practical present, then this is one of the best Jeep Patriot gifts for the money.

Jeep Sahara Gifts

Jeep Sahara Spare Tire Cover

Jeep fanatics take extra special pride in their vehicles.  They especially love accessories that enhance the appearance of their vehicles.  One of the stylish Jeep Sahara gifts available is this attractive spare tire cover.  Made from quality materials with heavy-duty stitching, this is a super present that will last well into the future.

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Jeep STR Gifts

Jeep SRT8 Carbon Fiber Look License Plate Cover

Attention to detail and quality is what Jeep owners demand for their vehicles.  So, if you are shopping for Jeep STR gifts, please keep this in mind.  One suggestion I would like to share with you is this fantastic looking license plate cover.  It has a stunning carbon fiber look and the weather proof emblem is aircraft quality, made using T-6061 aluminum.   If you have Jeep SRT8 gifts on your shopping list, you can’t go wrong with this!

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Jeep Off Road Gifts

Jeep LED Straight Light Bar Kit

The main joy of owing a Jeep is taking it off road.  That is why enthusiasts are always yearning for accessories that offer safety, stability and performance while exploring difficult terrain.  One of the ideal Jeep off road gifts you can give is an led light bar.  These bars are waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof.  Your special someone will be over the moon if you give this as a present.

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Jeep YJ Gifts

Jeep YJ Fender Flare Rocker Guards

A cool and easy way for Jeep owners to add some flair to their vehicles is to add fender flares.  They create a rugged, stylish, off-road look, while providing protection to the driver and passengers against flying debris.   So, if you are shopping for Jeep YJ gifts, here is a great 6 piece kit that is perfect.

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Jeep Gifts For Him

Jeep Grill Key Chain

Need a present idea for the man in your life?  Here is one of the best Jeep gifts for him you will find.  It’s a stylish key chain that is designed after the famous grill of the Jeep.  Laser cut and made from high grade stainless steel, it is both practical and durable.

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Jeep XJ Gifts

Jeep XJ Oval Bumper Sticker

Simple is best!  This is especially true when it comes to buying Jeep XJ gifts. Here is an awesome present that every XJ owner will love.  This oval bumper sticker is waterproof, weather and fade resistant and made from high quality vinyl.  It adds instant coolness to any Jeep!

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Jeep Gifts For Christmas

Jeep Messenger Bag

Jeep holiday gifts come in many varieties.  I always like to give presents that can be used on a regular basis.  A great example would be this stylish crossbody messenger bag.  It’s made from leather, with high quality hardwear and polyester lining that proudly displays the Jeep logo.  If you are at a loss in finding Jeep gifts for Christmas, this briefcase is a great choice.

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Jeep Gifts For Dad

I Am the Black JEEP of the Family T-Shirt

T-shirts and hoodies are always great Jeep gifts for dad.   Here is an example of a shirt that is really funny.  If you know someone who is passionate about these great vehicles, this present would be ideal. It’s a heavyweight t-shirt that is made from 100% pure cotton.  He will love the quote on the front and wearing it will surely draw attention and get plenty of laughs.  It is also one of my recommended Jeep father’s day gifts, so check it out!

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Jeep JK Gifts

Jeep Wrangler JK Angry Replacement Grill

Here is one of the Jeep JK gifts that will add character to your ride.  It’s an angry replacement grill that quickly and easily bolts on, so there is no cutting or drilling required.  If you want to get that highly desirable “angry look” then this gift delivers!

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Gifts For Jeep Enthusiasts

Cargo Tote with Jeep Logo

Safely storing items in a Jeep can be difficult at times.  So, when I was searching for gifts for Jeep enthusiasts, a cargo tote is what I had in mind.  I came across this collapsible version that opens out to a very large 24″ x 15″.   It was the skid resistant nibs and carrying handles that finally sold me.  Need a great present, this is it!

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Cool Gifts For Jeep Drivers

Jeep Treadplate Frame

Cool gifts for Jeep drivers are those that allow the owner to pimp out their ride.  A great example of this is this treadplate license plate frame.  It is made of thick chrome, measures 6 x 12 inches and fits standard sized tags.  The tread design offers that rugged look which all Jeep lovers admire.

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Gifts For Jeep Wrangler Owners

Jeep Wrangler Front Grill Mesh Inserts & Light Cover Trim

When speaking of unique gifts for Jeep Wrangler owners, here is one that every Jeep fanatic would love to have.  These inserts and light covers dramatically change the appearance of the vehicle.  Available in a variety of colors, they are easy to install and won’t rust or peel.   Very cool!

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Cool Gifts For Jeep Owners

Jeep 11 Oz. Two Tone Coffee Mug Cup

Cool gifts for Jeep owners don’t have to wipe out your bank account.  In fact, when it comes to buying presents for a Jeep lover, simple is best.  If your special someone enjoys drinking coffee, then here is your ideal gift.  It has a beautiful 2 tone color combination and has a big Jeep logo across the front.

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Gifts For A Jeep Lover

Jeep Wave Logo Smartphone Case

Top gifts for a Jeep lover always include items that show off the logo.  What better way to let everyone know you love your Jeep than with this great looking smartphone case.  Available for both iPhone and Galaxy, it protects your device against bumps, dings and scratches.  Best of all, it proudly displays a huge Jeep logo for all to see!

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Girl Jeep Gifts

Silly Boys Jeeps Are For Girls License Plate Frame

Everyone knows that Jeeps are not just for boys.  So, if you are searching for girl Jeep gifts, here is one that is sure to make her proud.  It’s the Jeeps Are For Girls license plate frame.  Bold lettering and durable ABS plastic construction make this present a winner.  Available in a variety of colors too!

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Jeep Gifts For Guys

Eat Sleep Jeep T-Shirt

If the man in your life has passion for his Jeep, then here is a great present idea.  It’s the Eat Sleep Jeep t-shirt, one of my favorites Jeep gifts for guys.  Cute and funny, this shirt is a real conversation starter.  Made from soft, preshrunk, 100% cotton, not only does it look great, it’s comfy as well.  Great if your looking for Jeep gifts for a boyfriend and don’t want to spend a fortune.

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Jeep Gifts Under $100

Jeep Field & Co. Scout Compu-Backpack

If your budget is limited to Jeep gifts under $100, you are in luck.  I have found a great present that every Jeep enthusiast would love to receive.  This backpack has all the bells and whistles of the more expensive models, without the high price tag.  It’s rugged, cool… and made by Jeep!

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Gifts For Jeep Owners

Jeep Wrangler Roll Bar Grab Handles

Jeep owners like to work their vehicles.  They enjoy driving off road and challenging muddy trails.  A sturdy roll bar offers great protection, and with these grab handles, the fun and experience is much safer.  That is why this present is one of the very best gifts for Jeep owners.

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Jeep Xmas Gifts

Jeep Dash Multi-Mount Phone Kit

Searching for Jeep Xmas gifts?  If so, then think rugged accessories.  When riding trails and going off road, it’s important for Jeep owners to keep their electronics safe from damage.  One way to do just that is with this excellent multi-mount phone kit.  Perfectly adjusts to fit a smartphone, a GoPro or even a GPS unit.  It is one of the Christmas gifts for Jeep owners that will be truly appreciated.

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Awesome Jeep Gifts

Jeep Gift Set

Here is one of the most awesome Jeep gifts I have come across recently.  It is a special set that comes with stem valve caps, a key chain and 2 lanyards.  Cool accessories that a Jeep lover is guaranteed to enjoy.  And for less than $20, a real bargain!

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Jeep Gifts Under $20

Classic Jeeps

A wonderful present doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.  In fact, there are plenty of great Jeep gifts under $20.  One of my suggestions is the Classic Jeeps hardcover book.  It details the history and heritage of the brand and is full of great photographs.  For less than $10, it is a very nice gift choice!

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Jeep CJ5 Gifts

Jeep Cj5 Bikini Top

One of the most sought after Jeep CJ5 gifts is the traditional bikini top.  They are specially designed to protect passengers from rain and direct exposure to the sun.  Better versions are made with premium fabrics that are stain and mildew free.

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Personalized Jeep Gifts

Personalized Jeep 14 oz Silver Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug

Custom Jeep gifts can be very hard to find.  Even more of a challenge is locating personalized Jeep gifts that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  Lucky for you, I came across this fantastic stainless steel travel mug.  It has a great image of a Jeep on the front and you have the option to have text added to make it unique.

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Baby Jeep Gifts

Jeep Cotton Socks For Baby

Here is a great present for toddlers.  These super cute socks come in a 5 pack and feature Jeeps vehicles along with the Jeep logo.  One of the fun baby Jeep gifts you can buy, and at less than $15, a great value too!

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Jeep Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Jeep Wrangler Chocolate

One of the sweetest Jeep Valentine’s day gifts you can give is chocolate.  Even better, is if it’s shaped in the form of a Jeep Wrangler. It’s solid premium milk chocolate that will warm the heart of any Jeep lover.  Go ahead and get romantic… with a Jeep!

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Jeep Logo Gifts

Jeep Logo Armrest Pad Cover

Jeep logo gifts are a great way for owners to show their love for the brand.  One of my recommended choices would be this great looking armrest cover.  It offers comfort while driving as well as protecting the interior against dirt, scratches and scuffs.

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Jeep Wedding Gifts

Jeep Bridal Satin Wedding Garter

If you are in need of a special present, here is one of the best Jeep wedding gifts you will ever come across.  It’s a handmade satin wedding garter that is embellished with the Jeep logo.  This gift will be treasured forever and makes for an amazing conversation piece.

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Jeep Gifts Under $50

Jeep “Weathered” Hat

The thing about good Jeep gifts under $50 is that you can afford to buy some really nice apparel.  One example is this great looking “weathered” hat.  All Jeep lovers think the styling is great and enjoy showing off the logo.  A very popular gift idea.

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Funny Jeep Gifts

Jeep Family Nobody Cares Funny Decal

Funny Jeep gifts are always popular choices when searching for a great present.  Here is a great sticker that is sure to draw smiles from anyone who sees it.  Perfect for the rear window, it shows a stick figure family getting hit by a Jeep.  It’s cute, hilarious and inexpensive.

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Gifts For A Jeep Guy

Jeep Premium Cotton Ringspun Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Great gifts for a Jeep guy are items that you can use or wear.  One great example is this cool looking hoodie.  It features the Jeep logo across the front and is made from a super comfy ringspun cotton.  Officially licensed by Jeep, so you know it’s top quality and well made.

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Gifts For A Jeep Owner

Jeep Parking Only Sign

Finding gifts for Jeep owners can be a pain in the rear.  Because there are so many choices, it’s hard to decide.  Here is one that we like a lot.  It’s the Jeep Parking Only sign.  Perfect for a man cave, den or garage.  A nice decorative present.  Check it out!

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Cool Jeep Gifts

Jeep Survival Emergency Multi Tool

This survival multi tool is one of the cool Jeep gifts that you can give.  If your special someone loves to drive off road or loves the outdoors, this tool is ideal.  It has all the essentials, including a wrench, screwdriver, wire cutters, a knife and more.   You can’t go wrong with this!

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Jeep Christmas Gifts

Jeep Christmas Ornament

Jeep Christmas gifts don’t have to cost and arm and a leg.  In fact, one of the great presents you can give is under $12, is memorable, and loved by all Jeep enthusiasts.  This handmade ornament will look great hanging on your tree.  A real keepsake that will be treasured well into the future.

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Willys Jeep Gifts

Jeep Willys Service Sign

Some of my favorite Willys jeep gifts are reproduction signs.  They have a vintage, art-deco look about them that adds character and style to any room or garage.  A great example is this gas station service sign.  It’s large, 14 x 14 inches, made from aluminum and has a special finish that delivers a retro look.

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Jeep Novelty Gifts

Beer Jeep Funny Drinking T-Shirt

Apparel is always a good choice when it comes to Jeep novelty gifts.  Here is a great example of a t-shirt that is funny and cool.  It is designed by spelling Jeep backwards so that it appears to spell beer and features the famous Jeep grill design.  Wearing it is sure to get plenty of laughs from anyone who sees it.

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Jeep Rubicon Gifts

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Angry Bird Style Headlight Covers

Jeep Rubicon gifts that pimp out your ride are always a great idea.  An excellent example would be these Angry Bird style light covers.   They are very durable and a breeze to install.  The best point is the dramatic effect it creates to the front of a Jeep.  This is very cool!

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Gifts

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Chain

There are plenty of useful and affordable Jeep Grand Cherokee gifts for you to choose from.  One of the better selections would be this great looking key chain.  I love the look of the laser engraved logo against the silver plating.  Made from genuine leather too.

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Jeep Liberty Gifts

Jeep Liberty Spare Tire Cover

Jeep lovers can never have enough accessories.  This spare tire cover is a perfect example of present that is sure to be loved.  It’s made from a strong, durable material that is easily maintained.  Practical too, as it’s a great way to protect your spare and pimp out your ride.  It’s one of my favorite Jeep Liberty gifts.

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Pink Jeep Gifts

Jeep Ladies Hot Pink Watermark Cap

If you are shopping for someone who loves the color pink?  Here is a great idea for a present that is one of the hottest pink Jeep gifts at the moment.  It’s a stylish cap featuring bold embroidering and watermark logos all over.   Perfect for the Jeep lover in your life!

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Search below for even more Jeep Gifts!

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