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Gifts For Active Guys

Looking for gifts for active guys? If so, you are at the right place! Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or any special occasion, the sportsman in your life will always appreciate a present that helps to improve his workouts. The best gift ideas are those that help provide exercise data as well as offer motivation to continue a healthy lifestyle. Below you will discover some excellent gifts for active men that are guaranteed to please, so have a look!

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Oakley Carbon Prime Sunglasses

Every active guy is going to need a pair of performance sunglasses. Some of the best crafted sports eyewear comes from Oakley. A perfect example would be the Carbon Prime Series. Superior quality sunglasses that are second to none!

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Wireless Activity Wristband
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Workout Gloves

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Foot Compression Sleeves

Foot compression sleeves are an ideal choice for the active man. They help to protect against plantar fascititis as well as provide ankle and tendon support. In addition, they are medically proven to increase oxygen flow to the muscles, which helps with recovery time after sports like biking, basketball or hiking. Great for those who work on their feet all day.

Wireless Activity Wristband

An activity tracker is great idea for the man who is always on the go! It makes keeping track of exercise data fun and easy. Better models offer daily stats about activities such as calories used, steps walked, distance and even if you have climbed stairs. Look for those with an OLED display that shows the time and caller id.

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Wireless Sports Headphones

Every active man enjoys listening to his favorite music while working out. So, why not get him pair of wireless sports headphones to make things much easier? They are much lighter and portable than traditional headphones and there is no need to deal with the hassle and fuss of wires and cords getting tangled or in the way. Better models are specially coated, making them sweatproof, and even have noise cancelling speakers so he can enjoy his favorite tunes, no matter how loud it is in the gym.

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Training & Workout Shirt

Looking good while working out will help to keep him motivated to reach his goals. A great way to achieve this is with apparel that is specifically designed for training. These types of clothing offer features such as quick drying and moisture wicking to keep him both cool and comfortable while exercising. They are available in loose, fitted or compression styles.

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Exercise DVD’s

Every man that is active dreams of getting stronger, leaner and adding bulk. The best way of achieving this is with a training program that is both intense and diverse. There are plenty of offerings available, however, the P90X system is considered on of the very best. Tony Horton is the personal trainer behind the program and it features a wide variety of routines along with nutritional information to keep your man on track towards reaching his goals.

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Fitness Gym Bag

Going back and fourth to the gym can be a hassle if your man is not organized. Having a fitness gym bag is the very best way to keep all his gear in place. Better made bags are waterproof and have plenty of internal and exterior pockets to keep everything secure. It goes without saying that when choosing a bag, always look for a padded adjustable strap and a padded handle. It will make carrying it a pleasure instead of a chore.

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Men’s After Workout Skin Care Set

It’s no secret that sweat and interesting smells are part of the active man’s life. Yes, it’s a necessary evil, but the good news is that it can be kept under control. A great gift suggestion would be an after workout body and skin care set. These sets come with all the necessities, such as body wash, shaving gel, moisturizing face wash, multi-purpose cream and even after shave balm. Some of the better kits even include a toiletries bag.

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Fitness & Cross-Training Shoes

Not all shoes are made equal, especially those that are especially crafted for active men. Simply put, he needs a quality pair of fitness / cross-training shoes. Arch and ankle support, along with proper sole cushioning and even performance stretch laces are vital when exercising. Having the right gear on his feet can make or break his workout session. There are lots of brands to choose from, however, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Asics and Reebook are often considered as the leaders in quality and innovation.

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Training Shorts

Whether it’s running, jumping, squating or hiking, having the right pair of shorts is crucial. Active men realize that having shorts that are loose with a full cut tend to provide the highest level of comfort. It goes without saying that shorts made from lightweight and smooth fabrics usually perform better as well. Top quality brands offer shorts with high tech features like UPF protection, anti-odor technology and even moisture wicking. If shorts are on your shopping list, the preferred brands are Under Armour, Champion, Adidas and Nike.

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Workout Gloves

If your man is into weightlifting or a cross-fit program, hand protection is vital. For these types of exercises, regular, everyday style gloves are just not going to cut it. Better workout gloves are those that provide extra ventilation to control sweat, improve grip and provide protection. A pair makes for a thoughtful and practical gift that he will truly appreciate.

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