Corvette License Plate Frames

Corvette License Plate Frames

Searching for Corvette license plate frames?

Don’t sweat it.

We have plenty of great ideas for them!

They’re ideal to give as Corvette gifts for that special someone who’s Vette crazy or as present for yourself.

Check out our top picks below, you’ll be glad you did.

Corvette License Plate Frames

for Corvette License Plate Frames

Without a doubt, adding a Corvette license plate frame to your ride is a excellent way to give your Vette an extra touch of class and style.

In addition to being the one of the perfect C5 Corvette accessories to add to your ride, they are also an excellent choice to give as a present.

They’re a practical purchase too, especially since Corvette plate covers help to protect your front and back license plates against damage & even theft.

In fact, they are designed to cover the edges & corners of license plates, which are the exact areas that usually experience damage due to weather or car accidents.

There is a wide variety of styles to choose from that will fit your Vette to perfection.  So, if you’re looking for a specific color, design or size, it’s definitely available.

Corvette License Plate Frame Styles …

If you’re the type of Vette owner who only settles for the best, I suggest you go with a genuine Corvette license plate frame made by GM.

Because they are made in accordance with Chevy’s high standards, they are extremely durable & crafted using only the highest quality materials.

Depending upon your model or personal preferences, there are several versions for your Vette that you can choose from, with the most popular being …

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Zinc / Alloy
  • Brass / Zinc
  • Chrome Plated
  • Power Coated
  • and more …

In general, they are sold as a set, including both a front & back license plate frame, along with screws and necessary hardware needed to attach them to your vehicle.

You can even buy sets that include matching valve stem covers that add to your Corvette’s overall appearance.  When it comes to price, you should expect to pay a premium, as genuine GM accessories can be a bit pricey.

If price is an issue, you can always go with an aftermarket manufacturer of Corvette license plate frames.  There are plenty of great looking frames to choose from that cost much less than the genuine models.

If you’re are ready to buy, we recommend stopping by Amazon for the lowest prices & widest variety.  They have loads of great accessories & apparel too, including Corvette shirts.  Even better, if you’re a Prime Member, your purchase might even qualify for free shipping, so check them out.